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  Topic : [Problem]ASUS live update has stopped working New Topic
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Posted:4/23/2008 5:25:00 AM # 1
hello, i have got a new laptop and i have experienced several problems with software. some were sorted out, some werent.
the one i am coming here with might be just nothing but i am still interested, why this problem occurs several times per day, and it hapend just few seconds before i have posting this topic, too.
when i click to check for solution and close the program, it closes without anything, or shows some window with growing horizontal bar and then closes itself immediately. but the same thing happens in several hours again.
i am just a simple user, i dont know much about this kind of things and therefore i might not be able to provide you with some more detailed information. but you can try to ask for more information if you like. just one detail that might be interesting for you is that in description of the fault, between loads of numbers and codes, appeared also this: kernel32.dll as fauld module name.

have you met this problem already?
do you know what to do?

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