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  Topic : [Problem]Looking for XP driver for Asus TV Tuner (Model # unknown) New Topic
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From: United States
Posted:3/7/2008 7:06:00 AM # 1

I am trying to take my Vista HP (s3321p slimline) Asus TV Tuner card (Model # unknown)and place it in a XP PC that I am building. Surprize, surprize, it looks like someone is trying to force Vista down my throat. I can't find an XP driver any place. Suggestions???

Here is some info.

String from the device details:

PCI\VEN_1745&DEV_2100&SUBSYS_48A31043&REV_00\4&22656C78&0&58 F0

Here are all the numbers and information I could get off the tuner board:

asus ntsc and atsc tuner card HP CT: P 8831 AB U9 V7 OL 1, part # 5188-7344, Rev 4, C7AS016-00555 SN 7AC0AI257032

Chip on board says Vixs Xcode 2105

By the way, is there a good easy FREE media center program that you would recommend for XP?

Thanks again, JJ

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From: Costa Rica
Posted:3/16/2008 12:18:00 AM # 2
XP 32bits, 2k and ME drivers as well as manuals and remote control utility can be downloaded from

However this driver will not work in 64 bit operating systems.

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