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  Topic : [Sharing]Blue Screen Crashes, ASUS Drivers and Smart Doctor New Topic
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From: ROM
Posted:11/20/2007 11:17:00 PM # 1
Ok, I really hope someone from ASUS reads this aswell :)
If not, at least some information regarding windows crashes with ASUS Drivers:
I have experienced *random* blue screens on PC Startup after buying the 8600 nVidia from ASUS - and as I tend to tune everything to the owner settings I installed the whole software suite that comes with it (including Smart Doctor) - and upgraded all to the latest version from the ASUS download site - still blue screens.
Soooo... I went into digging through the stack dumps of windows to check what is actually happening.
Here is what I found:
If you have the Blue Screen Crash just on windows starting - when it starts to load your software uninstall Smart Doctor and it will go away. The problem with Smart Doctor is, that it is trying to acces the driver features to read the Video Card state and data, before the Video Card Driver finishes to initialize / load fully itself. It accesses so, an uninitialized part of the driver and / or card which does lead to a Page Fault in an Unpaged Area (Driver Memory) -> Blue Screen + Reset.


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From: United States
Posted:12/8/2007 10:06:00 PM # 2

A big Thank You Meh. I wasted 3 or 4 days because of this problem. Smart Dr is not so smart. Just like real Doctors. You fixed my problem!


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From: Portugal
Posted:1/13/2008 8:14:00 AM # 3
Hello guys...
I wonder if some of you can help me:
As I've already post in other thread, I had the same problem too until uninstalled everything - GamerOSD, and SmartDoctor.... but since then, my GPU fan is always running at 675 rpm, even when the GPU core gets over 60º C (125º F).... I guess fan speed were locked by SmartDr, and even after uninstall it, the fan kept that setting...
Any Suggestion?

Thanks in advance, and all my best!

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AXION-Studios Inc.
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From: United States
Posted:2/4/2008 3:11:00 PM # 4
Any version of "SMARTDOC" should be left "off" of your system. Don't install it!

Download and install Nvidia Ntune and Nvidia system monitor. From Nvidia's website.

You can adjust and finetune your entire M2N Sli mobo and your Sli GPU's with Ntune.

Also AsusProbII is another bugged piece of work from Asus, This will conflict with your SoundMax drivers and cause them to stop working, sound!!

NTUNE Download link:

Nvidia Slizone site:

Nvidia Main WebSite:


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The Movie and Film Industry Since 1976. SCC-AXION Studios Inc. DarkMatter Productions Inc.
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From: Italy
Posted:7/21/2008 12:27:00 AM # 5
I'd like uninstall smartdoctor using add/remove programs feature of the control panel, but I can't do that...
The uninstall program of the "smart"doctor doesn' start...
Anybody knows how fix this? How safely remove asus software?

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