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  Topic : [Sharing]Full install WIN XP with and without floppy disc on F3Sa/F3Sc/F3Sv /Z53 New Topic
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From: PRT
Posted:11/29/2007 9:22:00 AM # 1

Updated 01 - 12 - 2008


This tutorial is for models


You can get the XP cd driver here
For the following models:
F3Sc -F3E -F3F -F3JA/JP -F3JC/JM -F3M -F3P -F3T/TC... and other models.
Record the image to a cd with a burning program and you have a full drivers instalation cd.

but also:

I believe that this tutorial works for al computers that have the Intel 945/965GM/PM chipset .

You can test the chipset and download INF and INTEL MATRIX STORAGE using this utility:


Follow this list for downloads and installation:

I recommend to uncompress and record it on a cd /dvd or in a pen-drive because it makes the installation easier.


2a Hotfix_CPU_XP(just for intel processors)
2b Hotfix_USB_XP Hotfix_MP_XP_061205
2d Hotfix_BP_XP
2f Hotfix_SB_XP
2e Hotfix_HB_XP
2 g WindowsInstaller-KB893803-v2-x86 Must chose your laguage
2h Net Framework 2.0 Must chose your language
3 ATK0100_XP 
4 AUDIO_xp                          

5   Modem_XP
6 LiveUpdate_XP
You need it just for updating system (For me it doesn’t work)
7 InstantFun_XP You really don’t need it
8 Wireless_Console_XP



12 PowerForPhone_XP  You don’t need this just for use with skipe and landlines
13 Splendid_XP
14 Power_Gear_XP
15 WinFlash_XP 
For flashing bios in XP you don’t need it
16 Touchpad_SY_XP
17 AMD_CPU_Hotfix_XP (
if your processor is AMD)
18 Camera_DM_XP For knowing what is your camera follow this 2 links

1-  For getting the PID

2- Table of PID 




19 Bluetooth_XP


Non official ones Under downloads

Download MSXML 4.0 from Microsoft:


Non official ones Under downloads


22 Net4Switch_XP You don’t need this


24 ATK_Hotkey_XP32_Vista32_64

25 ATKMedia_XP


27 KB_filter_XP



You need for this tutorial:

Windows XP sp2

BIOS v204 or greater

A pen drive FAT 32 formatted (if you want to install with floppy) not recommended


A - Install with floppy OR PENDRIVE not recommended

Download file from here and uncompress it to the pen drive

1.     Insert the CD for Windows XP into the CD or DVD drive, and the floppy or pendrive. Restart the computer.

2.     To install a third-party SCSI or RAID driver, press F6 when proponted.

3.     When prompted, select S for Specify Additional Device.

4.     If your system has Intel 82801HEM/HBM SATA AHCI Controller, select Intel 82801HEM/HBM SATA AHCI Controller (Mobile ICH8M-E/M), and press Enter.
If your system has Intel 82801GBM SATA AHCI Controller, select Intel 82801GBM SATA AHCI Controller (Mobile ICH7M/DH), and press Enter.

5.     To continue the installation, press Enter again. 
Windows is gona warning you that it has a newer controler than the one you are installing.
Chose the windows controler.
Leave the diskette in the drive until the next reboot; the software may need to be copied from the diskette again when the files are copied during setup.

7.     Follow the instruction to complete the OS installation.

B- Install without floppy

Download this file and follow the procedures down


1.     Start the BIOS Setup Utility menu by pressing F2 twice on first screen

2.     Select advanced


4.     Select Compatibility.

5.     Install Windows XP and Service Pack 2.

6.     Download and run 7kim06ww.exe

7.     Go to C:\DRIVERS\WIN\IMSM\PREPARE, and double-click install.cmd.

8.     Turn the computer off and then on again.

9.     Start the BIOS Setup Utility menu.

10.  Select Advanced


12.  Select HENHANCED  

13.  Start Windows XP. The Welcome to the Found New Hardware Wizard appears.

14.  Click No, not this time and click Next.

       15.  Select Install from a list or specific location (Advanced), then click Next.

16.  Select Search for the best driver in these locations. Then select Include this location in the search:, specify the path, C:\DRIVERS\WIN\IMSM, and click Next. The Completing the Found New Hardware Wizard appears.

17.  Click Finish.

18.  When the System Settings Change window appears, click Yes. The computer restarts.

If have any concerns  you can see more information here

This is a tutorials for installing WIN XP:

Follow the tutorial and when you get the partitions window you must have 2 or 3 partitios depending on you have 1 or 2 in VISTA do this:
Leave the VISTA hidden partition about 5000 MB  (you need it if want to reinstall vista)

Delete the big(s) partition(s) by pressing D – ENTER- L

You get a UNPARTITIONED SPACE press C to create a new partition with about      40000/50000 to the operative system.

You get a C partition and a UNPARTITIONED SPACE.

Select it and press C to create another partition with that space.

Install on C partition.


When windows installation finishes follow this steps and reboot when proponed:

1- Infupdate

F3SA users must install the 2 hotfixes after infupdate and before point 2.

2- UAA – If new hardware found install it automatically. If it doesn’t install automatic go back install it in manual and point it to WDM folder in your audio driver.

F3Sa don’t worry if it don’t find new hardware.

Install all the hotfixes and reboot when proponed.

3-  ATK 100

After you install this one and if you installed without floppy do the procedure explained on point B.

When finish, install this 2 programs (don’t worry if you don’t have internet connection yet you can install it later).



F3SA users. If you still don’t have sound install the modem, go to DEVICE MANAGER and see if you have a yellow balloon on a PCI DEVICE.

Right click on it and chose update driver. Say no to automatic and point it to WDM folder in your SOUND DRIVER. It should find new hardware and install it.

Now you must have sound.

5-  Modem

6-  Live update

7-  Instant fun

8-  Wireless console

9-  Wlan. Just install the driver. You don’t need the intell manager.


11-Ricoh. Card reader.

12-Power for phone

13-  Splendid

14-  Power gear

15-  Win flash.

16-  Touchpad

17-  AMD cpu.

18-  Camera. If your camera freezes get the last driver from ASUS site.

19-  Bluethooth. Disconnect bluethooth on wireless console before installation and connect it when proponed to do so.

20-  Nvidia / Ati vga. I put a non official drivers here but they works properly. I use it myself without problems.

21-  Adsm.

22-  Net 4 switch.

23-  Agfnex

24-  Atk hotkey.

25-  Atkmedia

26-  Atkosd2.

27-  KB filter.


F3SA users gets a yellow balloon on PCI memory device because it has no XP controllers for Intell turbo memory. It just works on VISTA.


  You can now format the partition D  by clicking on it. When finish creates a folder named (Documents ………..) go to start point to MY DOCUMENTS, right click and chose PROPERTIES. Go to TARGET and point to D:\DOCUMENTS………….

Say YES and OK.

Now you have your documents on the second partition and if you have to reinstall the system format just C partition and you don’t lose anything on D partition.

Before make a reinstall clear all user and administrator passwords.

I follow this tutorial myself on a Z53sc and its Working normal.