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Posted:10/27/2007 7:37:00 PM # 1

Thank you for your persistent supporting ASUS Forum and for the better service of your visiting and communication, now we are recruiting moderators for other boards like Graphic Card, PDA, Server, Wireless...etc.

If you are interested in being our moderator please take a little time to read following information.

Basic requirements for moderator application:
1. Enjoys helping ASUS forum members, being energetic and responsible to his work, being fair and humble when servicing others.
2. Familiar with the IT knowledge of the applied forum board, and have sufficient technical background.
3. Must be well known by members of the applied forum board, and have certain level of management and structure capability.
4. Have sufficient time to go online (minimum 2 hours a day); Capable of manage and maintain the responsible board on time.
5. Obey orders from webmaster, capable of being a team player.


Privileges of moderator:
1. The power to manage posts in his/her responsible boards, including set as recommended reading, sticky, movement, or deletion of posts.
2. Each moderator enjoys priority and dedicated communication channel to receive direct support from ASUS.
3. Access to Asus Bulletin and new product release notice after signing NDA with ASUS.
4. Moderators who perform his/her duties well can receive a signed certificate from ASUS high level manager.
5. Received honorable mentions and recommendations when wishing to join the ASUS family in the future.


About responsibilities of moderator:
A responsible moderator should use its given power wisely to ensure the board he/she is in charged of, has been kept in mint condition.  These includes:
1. Manage discussion thread, to ensure all threads are properly handle as per the management guideline set for this forum.  These include delete, move, lock, sticky, and recommended reading.
2. Responsible for maintain and improve the popularity of that board.
3. Responsible for maintaining the discussion atmosphere at a pleasant level to help keep the discussions going.
4. Give out warnings: The moderator should issue warnings to members against the rules and regulations of this forum.  Moderator should seek for advice from webmaster in the cases of troubles which cannot be handled via his/her given power, or when the case is difficult to define.
5. Team work: There should be a clear communication channel between each moderator at all times.  Each moderator should communicate with each other under regular basis to learn from, and support each other, and discuss about how to handle difficult cases during the absence of the webmaster.
6. Cross monitor: Moderators of the same board should cross monitor each other at all times.  Ones should report to the webmaster when seeing improper management behavior, lack of responsibilities, or below standard behaviors from other moderators of the same board.

About application of moderator:
1. Any members of ASUS forum fulfill the above requirements can apply for moderator by posting your application at [Feedback for our Website] board with clear title outlining the application of your interested board.
2. The content of this application should include your personal thoughts of the board, personal advantage, online time (please state your time zone), and your promises to this board.  Any application not fulfilling such requirement will not be accepted.
3. Webmaster and existing moderators will approve the new moderator based on the information provided by the applicant, and details gathered from forum boards.
4. We are looking for the person who is both interested in and qualified to be moderator, now we need 1 moderator at least for each board.


We hope you join us.

Best Regards!
ASUS Forum

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