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  Topic : [Problem]Asus N550j with dead graphic card New Topic
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Posted:9/21/2017 4:10:00 PM # 1
Good Day guys,>
>This is my first topic on forum and I hope someone would be able to help me solve this issue I am having .>I have Asus N550J laptop  for almost 4 years now but as of recent my graphic card (GT 750M) died off and now all the laptop does when I turn it on is just ticking sound with no indication of turning on black screen not even bios screen is shown >
>so now the question is what do I do? shall I just give up and throw the laptop away and salvage what can be salvaged from it or is there a way to fix it

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From: Hong Kong
Posted:9/21/2017 4:56:00 PM # 2
What leads you to think that the built-in graphics card is dead?
When you turn it on, does the laptop sound like it is booting up normally.  Is the ticking sound familiar to you just like the usual ticking sound of a harddisk spinning up?  Everything sounds like normal (eg the HDD activity LED is flashing....the normal 'beep' is heard...etc) except the black screen?

Even if the GT750M is dead, the laptop's CPU (i7 4700HQ) should also be able to output with its Intel integrated graphics HD4600.  But you might need to go into the BIOS to make the switch.

Also, try this if you have not yet:-
Connect a monitor to the Display Port output as a second display. Read page 40 of User Manual to activate it when you bootup.  If the GT750M is dead, then there should not be an video output.  If it is not, you might see something on the monitor.

If the 'screen' still remains black, it could be the cable connecting to the screen is loose (or damaged as it might be folded on and off a thousand times in the past several years).  To check, you need to open up the laptop.  Use Youtube to find a video to show you how to dis-assemble this model.

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