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  Topic : [Problem]HELP! "WEIRD" GTX 460 ISSUE New Topic
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Posted:7/26/2010 9:28:00 PM # 1
OK so i have recently purchased a ASUS GTX 460 graphics card and installed it on my ASUS M3N72-D MOBO, now the problem is when ever i cold boot (booting after my PC has been off for several hours) i have to reset my bios in order to see video. I can however here windows loading through my speakers when there is no video. So i reset my bios and load my saved bios settings as my motherboard has this feature and all works fine, until next cold boot.

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Motherboard: M3N72-D CPU: AMD 9950 BE MEMORY: OCZ2F10664GK PSU: Rocketfish 750W GPU: ASUS GTX 460 768MB (Fermi)
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From: USA
Posted:8/8/2010 8:26:00 AM # 2

Next cold boot enter your BIOS first and see what it shows you.

If your motherboard supports multiple profiles you might want to check what the default profile's setting are.  I still dont see why auto wouldn't pick it up every time although.

Are any other settings changing?  Maybe set something manually then see if it goes back to auto after a cold boot.   Could be a dead CMOS battery or somthing.

Post something in the motherboard forums, I can't think of any reason the video card would cause this.

So how do you like Asus's 460, I'm thinking of getting one.  

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