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  Topic : [Problem]Overclocking memory speed on GT430 New Topic
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Posted:8/5/2017 11:57:00 PM # 1
I have an older GT 430 DC SL-DI-1GD3. This video card has the memory clock speed factory set at 1600 MHz (800 MHz DDR3), 200 MHz slower than other 430-730 cards. I put it on a PC with an Intel DH67 motherboard and Sandy Bridge processor, so there is no mismatch of hardware. I installed NVIDIA's 378.66 driver, the last one before telemetry. I downloaded and installed the latest GPU Tweak II, v.

I start GPU Tweak II, enter Professional Mode, set memory speed at 1650 MHz, click on Apply, and reboot, but memory speed is back to 1600 MHz. Is the memory speed on this card fixed or is it overclockable? If it's overclockable, what do I need to do to retain the settings? Or does GPU Tweak II only change settings until a reboot?

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