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  Topic : [Problem]ATK Asus Keyboard Driver New Topic
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Posted:12/18/2008 1:25:00 AM # 1
I have an Asus EAH4870 installed on a system running WIndows XP Pro SP-3. I have driver 8.523 installed with Smart Doctor 5.30. My only problem is about once a day I get a BSOD from the ATK Asus Keyboard driver. Don't know why it was installed in the first place and it had to have come with the video driver. I am using the latest Logitech Setpoint software for my keyboard and trackball. This just started a couple of weeks ago when I installed the Asus video card and drivers rather than the Visiontek 3870 that was previously in the system. How do I uninstall this driver and why is there at all?

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