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  Topic : [Problem]1920X1080 New Topic
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From: United States
Posted:7/29/2010 1:07:00 AM # 1
Picked up a ASUS|EAH4850 CUCORE TOP/2DI/1GD for my ASUS CG5270 Essentio with Windows 7. The problem is that I lost full HD resolution on my Vizio 42 TV. Pre upgrade the integrated card displayed full 1920X1080 but with the new card there is a 1 inch black bar around the edge of my TV. FYI the problem was there pre Catalyst Control. Loading CCC did not do anything. Any ideas?

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From: SGP
Posted:12/12/2010 4:57:00 PM # 2
Hi, It seems to me that you're problem is actually not a "problem" but just an issue of setting you're monitor or TV right in the Catalyst Control Panel. Do the following: Open Catalyst Control Center > choose Desktop & Displays then choose the TV which I presume is turned on as a secondary monitor in you're system, but choose the small icon for the TV on the bottom of the page and Right Click then > Configure and go to Scaling Option Tab.There you'll probably see that the Scaling Option is set to some 10% Under-scan by default. Just Crank the bar up to 0% so it does not under-scan at all and if you set you're TV monitors resolution right than the problem should go away. I use an LG 42inch LCD tv as a secondary display and this is what I had to set also. I configured the display to use the max Full HD resolution of 1920x1080 and set the underscan to 0% and no more black gap on the edge of the tv ;) You're welcome! Zoltan

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