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Posted:7/12/2006 7:51:00 PM # 1

I want to use the function wake on lan with my network card pci ( DGE-528T) in the pundit AE3.

Normally the card sends a message by pci to the mother card of the Pundit...
But it doesn't work. Whereas the network card is compatible pci 2.0, and acpi... (Bios is configured...)

In the bundle of the network card, there is a cable (3 wires) to connect it to the mothercard.
But I haven't documentation on the motherboard K8S-MV/P !!!

I think it 's impossible because, the only connectors with 3-pins, there are for fans (cpu or chassi)...

My question, it is possible to connect the cable to the 2 pins of the interruptor to switch on the computer?

Thanks, sorry my english, and if you some information to help me in my quest of Wake-up on lan...

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