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  Topic : [Problem]ASUS AM602, Where is download page ?! New Topic

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Posted:2/6/2008 7:17:00 PM # 1
There is no download page even manual for ASUS AM602 ADSL2+ USB/Ethernet Modem Router ! Where can i find 64bit drivers for USB connection ? No updated driver or firmware ? I CAN NOT EVEN REGISTER MY MODEM ! even post a forum reply in right place in right page for this product !  It's a shame for ASUS .

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Posted:4/17/2008 12:21:00 AM # 2

When Asus just forgets their customers, they themselves should try innovative methods:

I just modified the USB driver for TP-LINK TD-8811 modem for Asus AM602 (and Symphony SY602, They are the same and all have the same Broadcom chip), specially for Windows Vista/XP 64. I myself have tested this driver on Microsoft Windows XP SP3 32 and Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate 64 SP1, AND EVERYTHING IS FINE.

I also found an updated firmware in .it also works fine for me but SNMP menu is lost! Some people may care about it, so use it on your own risk.

WOOWW ! 1300 downloads! COOL.
Also Port Forwarding for the Asus AM602: 
I think the same procedure could do the trick for emule.

Recently in Asus download page 
in Broadband/xDSL/ section you can find AM602 again! but in OS selection screen there is no option (15 March 2009)!


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From: India
Posted:5/30/2009 4:00:00 PM # 3
fek konam asus kolan dige  customer service nadare :)))))
ghablan page driver miumad. dige oonam nemiad . roo OS mimune
in maskhare tarin site o supportie ke tahala didam !!!!!!!!!

class="xlarge bold">1,659 downloads

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