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  Topic : [Problem]asus x61g series webcam not working New Topic
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From: AUS
Posted:2/28/2010 7:42:00 PM # 1
i have been able to make video calls using skype and my asus (x61g series) built in webcam.
from couple of days ago, skype doesn't recognise my webcam. i notice the green light next to my webcam which usually turns on automatically does not turn on anymore.

checking the device manager, it says the driver is up to date and device is working fine.

similarly my asus smart logon, and msn messenger does not recognise the webcam.

when i try and use asus life frame it states my webcam is being used by another program.

has anyone experienced such a problem. i cannot work out if its a hardware or software problem.

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From: Philippines
Posted:2/28/2010 10:03:00 PM # 2
You need to download the driver from Support Site.
Choose your model and download the one for camera. Tell us if that doesn't work.

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