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  Topic : [Sharing]New Elan touchpad driver v7.0.5.10 New Topic
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From: Indonesia
Posted:2/26/2010 9:54:00 AM # 1
Asus has released new drivers for the Elan touchpad bringing it to version v7.0.5.10. You can download it from the Asus support download page through Notebook->Drivers->Touchpad. For those having trouble with the Elan touchpad, this new set of drivers may fix the problem although I highly doubt it.

I've installed it on my UL80VT and it's pretty much the same as the old drivers. The two-finger scrolling is more sensitive than v7.0.5.9 and I had to reduce the speed one notch down compared to v7.0.5.9. The Palm Sensitivity setting is still as useless as ever and doesn't protect the touchpad from accidental palm touches at all even when set to maximum.

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Juan Pablo
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From: Chile
Posted:7/21/2010 4:00:00 PM # 2
i've installed this new driver, but this one and the older one, make Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory game to crash on Win7 64bits. It took me a lot to find out what's wrong with this game, and is this touchpad driver. I've to uninstall and go along without it. No troubles with another application/game, but was so annoying. Hope Asus release another update it can fix it. BTW, I've never used touchpad, I always carry an usb mouse with me

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