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Posted:10/6/2008 5:02:00 AM # 1
On the M70Vm, is there a jumper that can clear the CMOS and restore the BIOS to default settings, similar to what's on desktop motherboards?  If not, is there a way to restore default settings to the notebook's BIOS, without actually entering the BIOS setup?


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From: Romania
Posted:11/10/2009 3:51:00 AM # 2
I had the same problem with my m70Vm :) because I enabled the option: "Intel TXT(LT) Configuration" :))))))))) :

Then I saw this topic and:

What I did to clear the CMOS and restore the default settings of the BIOS:

1. remove the battery:

2. remove back cover with 6 screws:

3. look near the video card fan:
there is a red-black cable with the white plug near the fan.
That cable connects CMOS battery located under the Wifi card to the main board.

4. unplug that cable for a time, 1 minute...

5. next go backward: plug cable, close the cover, put the battery and start your laptop and you'll have the default BIOS settings:
and don't touch this setting never again :))))))

That's all!!

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From: France
Posted:11/15/2009 6:36:00 PM # 3
Wow! that's what I call a very clear and precise answer! If everybody could answer questions like you did, it would so great! hehe I can't believe you took all these pics, uploaded them on picasa after editing them, just to answer a forum question! It's really cool! Well, I know my comment has nothing to do with the topic, but it's really rare to see someone answering a question like that, so I just wanted to "make people notice it" ; ) bye

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