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  Topic : [Problem]Win7 P4G problem? New Topic
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Posted:9/24/2009 2:28:00 AM # 1
Hi I currently formatted and installed a fresh copy of windows 7 64 bit on my asus m50vm laptop and for some reason I feel as though power4gear is not working how it use too. I installed all the drivers from a previous post i saw with directions on what order to install them. I noticed P4G is not working correctly because before when i would switch to high performance for when im gaming i could literally hear the processor speed up and my game-play would be perfect. Now it seems like every 4 secs it skips a beat and this only happens in Hl1 games like counter-strike. Please PLEASE I am pulling my hair out over this and any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

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Posted:9/24/2009 11:51:00 AM # 2

Install Power4Gear Hybrid Utility for Win7 64 bit V1.1.19


Good luck!!

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