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  Topic : [Problem]Whats the fastest CPU my trusty L3800 L3C will support? New Topic
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From: GBR
Posted:10/10/2007 6:12:00 PM # 1
Hi guys,

I've got very reliable Asus L3800 laptop (L3C)

I'd like to upgrade the CPU, whats the fastest CPU that the motherboard will support?

According to CPUID the motherboard is a P4_L3C  Rev. 3.0.

Chipset Intel i845D. Cpu is a socket 478mPGA.

Please help, thankyou in advance.

Dont want to replace this laptop as it has does what I need it to do and has the old skool ports.

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Cidi Rome
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From: Portugal
Posted:10/11/2007 9:13:00 AM # 2

I have one too.

I've always read that the maximum would be 2.0Ghz (that's what I have).

But, I believe that it is possible to put one faster as long as is has the same FSB speed witch I believe is 400Mhz (in this case on 2.0Ghz is 5*400Mhz).

If you can find a 2.4Ghz (6*400Mhz) I think it would work on it because the multiplier is usualy locked and the motherboard will not be able to change the CPU top speed.

The only thing I think you should worry about is the temperature that this CPU may be able to produce, and if you get a low quality one you may get in trouble...

Best Regards, hope have been usefull with this info.

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VIP Member
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From: Russia
Posted:3/30/2008 4:14:00 AM # 3
I have SL6WZ 2.6Ghz (use for more info) working with L3C/S.

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