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  Topic : [Problem]How to go into Recovery mode without the dvd? New Topic
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From: Indonesia
Posted:6/1/2009 8:25:00 PM # 1
Hi guys, i'm having a problem with my F8sg notebook
I did not get the recovery dvd when i bought it, i got a virus now and i need to format it..
the shop told me that the recovery is inside the notebook, and you'll need to press either F8,F10,F12 or something to go into the recovery that correct?

Please share your knowledge on how to go into recovery mode without the dvd, i'm having a hard time here since i downloaded the Manual, and it only tells me to do it WITH the dvd =(
thanks guys

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From: AUS
Posted:6/2/2009 12:03:00 PM # 2

If your F8Sg notebook computer is with the pre-installed Vista, you can use the hidden partition, reserved for recovery purpose, in the hard disk to restore your computer to the factory settings.  Backup your personal data first.


Restart your computer.  Press F9 key immediately when the ASUS logo appears.  This will start the recovery procedure, including the installation of all the drivers and utilities.  Follow the instructions.  Your computer will be restored to the factory settings.


Good luck!!

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