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  Topic : [Problem]Delete recovery partition New Topic
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From: Netherlands
Posted:10/2/2007 9:01:00 PM # 1

On the laptop there is a 7Gb (!) recovery partition. It also comes with a dvd. Is the DVD sufficient to recover the whole system? So can I delete the recovery partition to gain 7Gb of space?
I also installes linux with a grub bootloader, through this bootloader I accidentally booted from the recovery partition. when booted, it gave me nothing but a big ERROR sign and after rebooting all my linux partitions had been deleted... how can this ever be possible?
Can I delete this recovery partition??? May I???

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From: Finland
Posted:10/3/2007 3:43:00 AM # 2
Yes you may delete it.
Remember it is the first (and in that way the fastest) partition on your HDD, you may want to keep it and use it for the Windows paging file and for other swap files...

Read also closely the posts regarding installing Windows on a SATA drive. You may need it, if you do a clean install from the DVD some day.

By the way. The day your HDD crashes, you are not going to have any use of the recovery partition anyway...

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