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  Topic : [Problem]Charging circuit problem, is there a fuse? New Topic
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From: PRT
Posted:5/14/2010 8:15:00 PM # 1
Hi guys,
My power cable broke and my dad repaired it welding it the wrong way. So when we pluged it in the PC to see if it worked I think we burned something. The thing is that it made a strange sound and then the green led on the power transformer stopped working while pluged in the computer, when we unplug it from the computer the led turns back on. The computer is working ok with the battery. We then welded the repaired cable as it should be but still no life in the PC. My question is, is there a fuse that may have burned, and if yes where is it. If not, any tips on what to change to make it live again. I have no problem in welding whatever necessary.
Sorry for the messy explanation, thanks in advance.

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