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  Topic : [Problem]Known problem with Counter strike. New Topic
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From: Norway
Posted:2/7/2010 7:09:00 PM # 1
Hi. Counter strike 1.6 gamer here

I've read some reviews from self proclamed audiophiles, and other counter strike gamers, and everyone seemes to have the same problem. I am not an  audiophile, and no expert on sound cards. My problem is that I can't hear footsteps and other crusial sounds when enemy's are close to mee ingame. I can hear very well, almost too good from a far, but the close sounds get's cut out by othher sounds like shooting, or sounds from a far. There is really no prominent bass either when they are close( i have tweaked with the settings). All other sound cards i've tried, I can really feel ppl being close to me. I have tried all the setting, and nothing helps. For an old game lik 1.6, i use just regular headphones settings..if I use GX, or other settings, it's almost impossible to play at a high level.
I play competitive cs 1.6 like many others, and I would really like it if you have a fix for this in some way, because this is too big of a problem, and i really can't use the card with a problem like that. The same problem is occuring in the newer cs:source game, but I do not play that.
Headphones: Beyerdynamic MMX 300
Please help me! The card is so good at everything else! I have heard the card doesn't support old games like 1.6, and this is a huge game internationally, and in pro gaming. It's a shame if I have to sell this card, so I can buy a bad sound card just to hear these sounds:( I mean, this game is played by almost all the best FPS gamers still, and should be a priority, even though it doesn't reflect sound properties for newer games. And if there is no way to fix this, please tell me that too.
Please ask me if you need additional info!

Thank you!:)

edtit: 75 views, and nobody know's anything? I know most ppl play high graphic games who use an expesive audio card as this, but somebody must know something! Please..setting that can help, or anything. The footsteps just doesn't get closer uptil a point, and the footsteps get nulled out by shooting.

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From: Greece
Posted:2/17/2010 2:11:00 PM # 2
Try setting 5.1 from windows control panel (also disable the subwoofer option  in vista/seven), set 5.1 in xonar control panel as well (without gx), set 5.1 form in-game settings and enable dolby headphone from the xonar control panel with the dh-2 (livier room) option.

Tell us if it improved any.

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