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  Topic : [Problem]Partial fix to input lag? New Topic
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From: CAN
Posted:7/20/2009 11:06:00 AM # 1

I purchased the essence stx about 2 months ago, and have almost no complaints; its amazing the difference it makes with a great pair of headphones. Now the only problem ive had with it so far was the input lag when recording/monitoring an instrument. Its under a second, however its noticeable enough that theres a slight delay from say plucking a string to hearing it. I was a bit disheartened as I cannot practice using the computer. However I can still record as long as I am not monitoring the guitar; I just record my playing (I use acid pro) without listening, and then add the song as the audio track. The biggest problem with this is not being able to hear what I am playing, however the quality of the instrument track is too good to use a microphone or my older sound card which has no discernable lag (audigy 2 ZS).

Now recently I read something about ASIO and I still dont understand fully what it does. However I installed the drivers and set the latency to much lower than what it was. Then in the audio device type options in Acid pro, I selected ASIO4ALL v2 (what I downloaded), and under the audio recording device I selected Xonar Essence Audio 1. Now Acid Pro gives you the option to monitor your input as well, so I turned it on. Now Im not sure if im just imagining things, but I cant hear any sort of latency from when I pluck a string to when I hear it from the headphones. I even scratched the strings slowly (the delay is much more noticeable this way) and had one ear uncovered by the headphones, and it sounded pretty much instant from what I heard from the guitar, and what I heard from the headphones. I closed Acid pro and then went into the xonar audio center and enabled monitoring; the latency was immediately noticed.

Another thing, Im not sure if this is completely related but when those ASIO drivers are working a little window opens up on the bottom right of my taskbar and that is where I can select the latency. However as soon as I close Acid pro (or even foobar which also shows the card as a configured virtual asio device; what this means i dont know) the little window dissapears which Im assuming means its not using those drivers anymore. So does this mean its a problem with the windows audio drivers thats causing such latency with this card, and not the card itself since my 4+ year old audigy 2 ZS has virtually no latency with input?

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From: Germany
Posted:7/20/2009 4:27:00 PM # 2
[…] So does this mean its a problem with the windows audio drivers thats causing such latency with this card, and not the card itself?

Yes; the monitoring function of the driver was designed not for musicians but for gamers, so it adds a delay to allow for the processing time of the karaoke and pseudo-3D effects.
(The hardware would be able do to zero-latency monitoring, but the Windows driver does not support this.)

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From: United Kingdom
Posted:8/28/2009 6:57:00 AM # 3

When you plug your microphone in, and under monitoring, can you hear the sound from both of your left and right speaker?

i am having problem which the sound from my mic can only come out from left channel, i am using a mono type microphone with xlr to 6mm jack as the input.

Please let me know as soon as posible tq

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From: United States
Posted:9/22/2009 9:15:00 AM # 4
Hey guys...The STX is really a step up for me.  I purchased it for the specific function of recording and for "sound quality" and have found it to be everything I expected.  Sounds great (far better than any cards I have used in the past...audigy, realtec, ect.)  It does have a latency problem thru direct monitoring, but if I record thru my daw software--Cakewalk Sonar 7XL, the latency problem disappears and my recording is spot on in time and crystal clear.  I believe that the ASIO drivers are the key to recording and eliminating the delay.

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From: Israel
Posted:4/19/2010 7:05:00 PM # 5

Hi Guys,

I have a similar problem. I'm not recording anything, I just want to play my guitar through ESSENCE STX without that annoying delay!

Is there any solution? 

Any help is greatly appriciated. 

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