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  Topic : [Sharing]How to fix sound pop/click/stutter due to DPC latency New Topic
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From: United Kingdom
Posted:4/15/2013 2:29:00 AM # 41
cinder - I just have to drop you a note and thank you for this.  I had exactly the same problem caused by Malwarebytes and had spent days looking for a solution.  Thank you so much for posting your experience on this forum.

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Can Ozgur
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From: Austria
Posted:7/20/2013 4:26:00 AM # 42
Hey guys, thanks for the useful information thus far. I've been having this problem for a year now. I have an ASUS N53JQ. The problem was once every three weeks or so until the last week. Now every time I move my laptop, it stutters and the wlan adapter loses connection. The Wlan adapter behaves differently every time. Sometimes it can be solved by using the diagnose option, sometimes it can't. I have to restart the laptop and so on. I suspect, it might be from Norton, because of what you guys said, with the networking. I don't have anything unusual with the DPC Latency checker in the last 10 minutes(since i saw this forum). I am installing MS Security Essentials now. It has been really frustrating, because it is a laptop and I want to move it, because it is a friggin laptop. The suggests however that it might be a hardware problem, hopefully it isn't. Anyways I will post the results here.>
>Edit: It was Norton.

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