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  Topic : [Problem]N61Jv - Turn off microphone in Webcam ??? New Topic
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From: Australia
Posted:6/25/2010 7:57:00 PM # 1
When closing the screen on the notebook often I would get feedback through the speakers. I worked out that it's actually the microphone in the Webcam. If I brush my finger over it (the bezel at the top of the screen) I hear feedback through the speakers.

How can I check whether the microphone is on and running? and if it is TURN IT OFF. It also concerns me that webcam might be running the background. I don't have any Webcam apps open. Again how can I check if it's running and switch it off if required.

Model : N61 JV
OS: Windows 7 Home Premuim 64-bit.
Ram : 4GB
HD: 500GB.

Thanks in Advance.


*** This query was intended for a NOTEBOOK forum. not Audio cards - Could someone please direct me to where I can post this on an N61 Forum. Thanks ***

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From: TAIWAN, R.O.C.
Posted:6/28/2010 10:44:00 AM # 2

Thanks for your using ASUS products. However, your problem seems related to the ASUS Laptop rather than separate audio card which this forum focuses on.

For your reference, you can post your article here:


Hope this is helpful and welcome back for ASUS award-winning Xonar soundcards.

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