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Posted:8/25/2008 10:28:00 PM # 1
Ok, i've seen many posts saying " My Eeepc's volume is really Low " or " How could i turn My volume up Higher? " And here's the answer, without using the command line;
Ok, go to your Media Player in The Play tab or if you're using KDE Desktop mode go to Launch aplications Multimedia SMPlayer, Then Go Onto Options -> Prefrences, Then click on the " Audio : tab, once onto it, you will see, the first line you will see is " Use software volume control " Click it, and then at the right of that you will see " Max Amplification " Turn it up!!!!!! 110 is nowhere near high enough, for best results turn it up to 3000, but not hight that 8000 because it will then blow out your spekaers. Any problems just post a reply and i'll try and help.

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