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  Topic : [Problem]Keyboard/cursor freezes New Topic
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Posted:10/19/2008 11:01:00 PM # 1
My Eee PC sometimes hangs, like the cursor would sometimes just freeze, but then if I pressed a key repeatedly or for a long time it would type endlessly. I remember after closing openoffice writer and  then launching it again it resumed typing a letter....the same would sometimes happen when opening a file - in the textbox for filename a letter would type continuously. While I'm in the middle of doing something the keyboard would suddenly appear undetected, but then if  I pressed a key harder it'd be like it got stuck.

It would also sometimes behave strangely, like the drop-down menu (if that's what I may call it, like choices for the 'view' function for example) wouldn't load.

Just two weeks after buying my EeePC I had to bring it to the service center - it's motherboard had to be replaced. I learned to love it despite that, as it indeed proved to be very portable (a UMPC). But now that I'm encountering problems again, I'm having doubts as to whether buying it then was a good decision. 

Any advice/tips about how I may solve above-mentioned problems will be highly appreciated, thanks.


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