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  Topic : [Sharing]Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit on the 1005PE and It Works Well! New Topic
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Posted:4/16/2010 4:57:00 AM # 1
I installed Windows 7 Home Premium x64 on my 1005PE a couple days ago.   It definitely speeds up the little box.  You cannot reload MS Works or the trial versions of other software because they are hidden on the disk we got with the 1005s.  I just bought Works again on the internet for $14.50.  Bought the full retail license for Win7HP64 on eBay for $50 too.  YOu need a 2GB Ram card, which will run another $43 or so.  I already had a license for MS Office 2007 Pro, which is working well on it as well.

It takes about 3 hours to reload the drivers and software because you need to do each individually.  The OS only takes aobut 30 minutes and two restarts - then a huge download of updates.  Don't expect any help from Asus Tech Support.  They just tell you it should have a Windows 7 32-bit upgrade, even though the disk has some 64-bit drivers on it.

In the next couple days I'll post a primer on how best to install a 64 bit OS and the 1005 drivers and software. ;)

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Asus Eee 1025CE-MU17-PR // Asus Eee 1005PE-PU17-BU, Windows 7 Home Premium 64, 2GB Crucial RAM. // HP tx2000z laptop, Vista Home Premium 64, AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-68 2.4GHz, nVidia GeForce 6150, 4GB 667Mhz RAM, 8 cell battery.
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Posted:4/19/2010 8:00:00 AM # 2
Oooh!  Good to know it works, especially since I just availed myself of the Microsoft student discount upgrade program to pick up the 64 bit version myself.  Are you having any problems with any of the drivers that you've noticed (multitouch, sleep hibernate, etc), or does everything still work fine? 

I'll be interested in checking out the tutorial/progress report when you get it up, since I'm going to be doing this myself in a week or two, as soon as classes let out so I can do without my precious 1005PE for more than five seconds.  Cheers! 

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Proud owner of an Eee PC 1005PE
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Posted:6/13/2010 9:26:00 PM # 3
cyberbiker, I'd love to give this a shot. Any chance you'd post "a primer on how best to install a 64 bit OS and the 1005 drivers and software"? I'd feel a lot better following someone else's footsteps. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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Posted:6/14/2010 12:28:00 AM # 4
Not a lot of magic needed to install Win 7 64-bit...Also, the added value is 0 unless you succeeded in getting a 4 Gb memory module to work. 64-bit does add more overhead to the CPU, so from a useability point of view the 32-bit version is more than enough.

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Posted:6/19/2010 9:18:00 PM # 5
Well, the install seemed to go well, but I can't seem to install any of the drivers either via the provided disk or the Asus website. I continue to get "Motherboard Support CD does not support this operating system(WNT_6.0H_64_MCE.)". Any thoughts?

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Posted:9/18/2010 3:45:00 AM # 6
I have been using Win7HP64 now for 6 months with no problems and I have loaded MS Office Pro 2007 and all the other primary programs I use.  I am very pleased with the increase in speed and efficiency of the 1005PE using Win7HP64, however, I only used Windows 7 Starter x32 for a couple days so I cannot really offer a technical speed comparison.  Those with two computers will find Vista and Windows 7 synchronize seamlessly.

Good Article

The Windows 7 Starter version on the Eee 1005P line is 32-bit, however, the Intel N450 processor is 64-bit.   The upgrade to higher Windows 7 versions can only be made 32 to 32-bit or 64 to 64 bit, so to switch from 32-bit (known as x86) to 64-bit (known as x64) the you must wipe the hard drive and install the full Windows 7 x64 version of your choice.  You need to upgrade the RAM to 2GB first as that is the minimum for Windows 7 x64.

The Windows 7 x64 chipset drivers are on the disc that comes with 1005P. However, the imbedded Graphics Media Accelerator 3150 x64 driver is not. This link takes you to the latest GMA 3150 Win 7 x64 driver, .

I purchased the full retail Windows 7 Home Premium x64 (Win7HP64) on eBay for considerably less than the $199.99 at the Microsoft Store.  Before installing Win7HP64, I downloaded the latest 1005PE software updates from the Asus Download webpage, the latest Intel GMA 3150 driver and transferred them and the x64 drivers on the 1005P disk to a USB external drive.

Begin by reformatting the 1005P hard drive.  You'll note there are 4 partitions on it.  I eliminated them all to have future use of all the disk space, which also eliminated the ability to return the Asus to its original state from the hard disk.  You can still use the external support disk that came with the 1005P to take it back to the original Windows 7 Starter x32 state with original software and drivers though.

Installation was simple.  I just connected an external DVD drive, put in the Windows 7 DVD, selected Windows 7 Home Premium x64 and poured a cup of coffee.  Installation took about 15 minutes and a couple restarts.

Installing the the 64-bit drivers takes longer.  First I installed the GMA 3150 x64 driver, then restarted.  I then typed msinfo32 in the Start Window, which opened the extensive hardware and system information file to insure the latest BIOS had not been downgraded and that other information seemed normal.  

Next I installed virus and spyware protection.  Microsoft provides Windows Firewall as part of Windows 7 and MS Security Essentials, its new antivrus program, for free, .

Next I got online, opened Windows Update Control Panel and began a routine Microsoft update and restart.  There was much to be updated.

Next I began installing the x64 drivers and software that came on the Support Disk.  Since MS Word is hidden on the disk, you will not be able to retrieve it.  While Asus Tech Support will refuse to assist you in any way once you tell them you have installed a 64 bit OS, the 64 bit drivers are on the Asus Support Disk.  Hint:  do not tell Asus TS you have installed a 64 bit OS when you wish to seek assistance.


ACHI.  Intel Installation Framework
Eee PC disk>Drivers>ACHI>Install>setup.exe.  Installed NM10 Express chipset v8.9.0.1023, device driver ST9250315AS.

Eee PC disk>Drivers>Audio>WDM>RtkAudioService64.exe .  I then upgraded to the latest Win7x64 High Definition Audio Codecs at

Eee PC disk>Drivers>Bluetooth>Win64>brcmWin7>DPInst.exe

CHIPSET:  Go to x64 folder
Eee PC disk>Drivers>Chipset>x64>Difx64

Eee PC disk>Drivers>KBFilter>HotkeyService>HotkeyService_1.15

Eee PC disk>Drivers>WLAN>NE785H>Install_CD>Setup.exe

Eee PC disk>Drivers>Touchpad\WinWDF\x64>setup.exe

Get the latest GMA 3150 driver from Intel website at . Once unzipped, the ReadMe file tells you to install it by selecting the Graphics folder.
Control Panel>Device Manager>Display adapters>Standard VGA Display Adapter>Driver>Update Driver>Browse my computer for driver software>Browse.  Go to the new unzipped GMA 3150 driver and select the Graphics Folder, click the Include subfolders box, then click the Next button.

Eee PC disk>Drivers>WLAN>NE762H>Install_CD>setup.exe

EFI>MICROSOFT>BOOT>FONTS>WGL4_BOOT>Install.  Doubleclick WGL4_BOOT to get to the Install button.


Adobe Reader
Eee PC disk>Software>Adobe.  Download from Internet

Eee PC disk>Software>Antivirus.  I used Microsoft Security Essentials at

Eee PC disk>Software>ASUSUpdt>Setup

Boingo is 32 bit.  If you want it just install it from the Support Disk or download it from the

Eee PC disk>Software>   Not compatible with x64. Download from Internet

ECAM    I installed YouCam (below) instead.
Eee PC disk>Software>Ecam>Setup.
Eee PC disk>Software>EeeDocking>EeeDocking

Eee PC disk>Software>EeeSplendid>eSplendid_V5.1.2.0004

Eee PC disk>Software>ExpressGate>EN_EXGATE_32H_1.3.17.13_EFI

Eee PC disk>Software>FontResizer.

Eee PC disk>Software>GamePark>SingleInstaller

LivCam.    I installed YouCam (below) instead.
Eee PC disk>Software>LivCam>setup

Eee PC disk>Software>LiveUpdate>LiveUpdate_1.9_Win7

Eee PC disk>Software>LocaleMe>LocaleMe_V1.3

Eee PC disk>Software>OOBESetup>OOBE_SetupV1.0.1.2.

Skype.  Download from Internet
Eee PC disk>Software

Eee PC disk>Software>SupHybridEngine>SuperHybridEngine_2.10

System Setting - DID NOT REINSTALL
Eee PC disk>Software.  Only applies to Windows7 Starter

Eee PC disk>Software>

Windows Live
Eee PC disk>Software>Windows Live. No install capability. AsusSetup won't work. Get from Internet.

Eee PC disk>Software>YouCam>setup.  Put it in the Program Files (x86) Folder.

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Asus Eee 1025CE-MU17-PR // Asus Eee 1005PE-PU17-BU, Windows 7 Home Premium 64, 2GB Crucial RAM. // HP tx2000z laptop, Vista Home Premium 64, AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-68 2.4GHz, nVidia GeForce 6150, 4GB 667Mhz RAM, 8 cell battery.
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