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Posted:1/26/2010 12:11:00 PM # 1

Dear Asus, this is my problem:



Keyboard Issue/Number Lock


1. Number Lock issue. Please press FN+Num LK to enable/disable it. Notes: With number lock engaged all keys work as numbers fine, with number lock off: keys move cursor left/right jump around page, or do nothing?  Occasionally a letter will appear. Arrow keys only move to the beginning or end of a selection?

2. Hot key malfunction. Please install the ACPI driver. Notes: Attempted this but no change!

3. Keyboard layout issue. Please adjust the keyboard layout: Control Panel==> Regional and Language Options==> Languages==> Details.

4. Using the support DVD or hard disk partition (requires a recovery partition) to restore the system for a try. Notes: Reformated machine from recovery partition and problem still exists, no change.

5. If it is a hardware related problem, please contact the local service center.

Additionally, I attempted to reformat from the CD copied to a flash drive, however machine refuses to boot up from this disk?  Note: BOOT-BOOSTER was disabled in BIOS and ESCAPE pressed during start-up, and boot from USB (not hard drive) was selected. 

NOTE: Since this machine developed this bug, Hard Drive is now partitioned 70GB/70GB – 140 GB total disk space on C & D drives. New this machine was partitioned 140GB/ 20GB – 160GB total space on C & D.

What is going on??? I am now overseas and this machine is my only source of communication with the outside world.

Product Information

Eee PC 1005HA-PU1X-BK

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