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van Gog
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From: Netherlands
Posted:1/19/2010 7:23:00 PM # 1
Hi there,

Can anybody tell me how to adjust the pressure sensitivity  of the 1000H's touchpad? I have purchased two of these a few weeks ago. On one the touchpad works like a dream but on the other it requires more pressure to drag things and tapping is not as sensitive either. It's kinda usable but nowhere near as comfortable as the other.

I have done an extensive search which came up with dozens and dozens of hits on 'touchpad sensitivity' but it seems that the links to the original elantech drivers (not the Asus OEM ones) are all dead. Do I really need non-Asus drivers and if so does anybody have a link that works?

I'm convinced that in principle there has to be a way to adjust/calibrate the pressure sensitivity of these things, there's got to be an A/D converter in there somewhere and a threshold that can be adjusted somehow. If not with a driver than perhaps with firmware. How would they calibrate these things in the factory otherwise, I can't imagine the actual physical hardware being manufactured to such narrow tolerances that it doesn't need any electronic/digital calibration.


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