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  Topic : [Problem]Powers up but not working New Topic
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From: ZAF
Posted:9/3/2017 11:30:00 PM # 1
Hi all i have a asus oplay mini for a few years now and it worked well so far but all of a sudden it stop working. >What happens is it powers up with the Asus name coming up with the light flashing as per normal and hdd or flash  drive is powered up but nothing is happening just a blank screen. Help needed please? 

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From: POL
Posted:9/20/2017 4:44:00 PM # 2
Looks like its dead Jim. Try holding the reset button in the back for 10 - 15 seconds when o!play is powered.>
>You could try emergency firmware restoration but this could make things worse. To set it in service mode you hold the reset button pressed while you connect power, the power LED should start blinking, then you connect a pendrive formated in FAT16 or NTFS with only the firmware file which can be downloaded from product's page.

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