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From: Costa Rica
Posted:2/5/2015 12:11:00 AM # 1
Hi There,>
>(Sorry MY English)
>I have a O!Play HDP-R1 since Feb 1 2010, last Sunday was his # 5 birthday :), all these years I only upgrade with OFW, the latest and last one published by Asus was 1.41N (mine is NTSC version).>
>I was wondering if I can install the AMP ones, I read all the topics in here but still do not really understand where should I start.>
>Should I update AMP first, then the bootcode or viceversa? And if a update to bootcode 23, will my O!Play get brick? Or I wont be able to see movies on my NTSC TV properly?>
>One more thing, this install can be done only via telnet, I read something about doing it using a flash memory, but it is not really clear.>
>And What version of AMP should I use?>
>Should I leave alone and not install anything?>
>Finally...i have recently seeing some issues while using my unit, I don't know how to explain this in English, let me try, I am plugin any of my HDD into the USB port and while I am watching the movie it start "leaping" between a black screen and the movie over and over...this never happen before, so dont know if is the unit, the HDD.>
>Any recommendations, comments or help  are welcome!!>

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From: CAN
Posted:2/8/2015 12:14:00 PM # 2
>Update the boot code first… you won't brick your device & yes its NTSC. :)..>
>Then update to AMP 11 or 12..>
>You use telnet to completely flush the memory in the HDP-R1..>
>Yes you can update by usb..>
>insert usb device with boot code..>power down the unit..>hold down the reset button and power up at the same time..>once you have the boot code updated then update to the new AMP Firmware..>
>The jumping is due to memory issues of the old firmware. You will notice a MAJOR! performance boost with the new firmware..>
>Note: Try sharing the files from your computer rather than using the drive..>

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