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  Topic : [Problem]O!Play Air login failed to Synology NAS server New Topic
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From: Hungary
Posted:12/19/2016 5:05:00 AM # 1
I am a newbie, excuse me if my English is not so exact.>I have fighting with this problem for 1,5 months. On my home network I have some PC-s and a Synology DS207+ NAS server. First times the O!Play could handle the NAS, I could watch my videos, I could login with the Shortcut on O!Play. But later (after I had filled several videos on the NAS), the O!Play asked the user/pass. Of course I typed it just exactly several times, in vain. After it I created new user/pass on the NAS, in vain. After it I upgraded O!Play from 1.26 to 1.29, in vain. To my other PC-s I can login from O!Play, only the NAS is unreachable... >Now I am very puzzled and frustrated. Any help will be appercipiated.>
>Thanks, Laszlo.

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From: GRC
Posted:2/1/2018 6:32:00 PM # 2

Every now and then I face the same issue and, like you, have changed the value of the default password for the user 'OPlayer' in my DS-414. Everything works fine but I have noticed that sometimes it refuses to enter the NAS 1-2 folders but only after entering a 3rd shared folder it can access the previous folders. So try this if it helps.


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