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  Topic : [Problem]Mouse and keyboard of laptop skipping New Topic
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From: Netherlands
Posted:6/11/2017 6:06:00 PM # 1
>I'm not sure in which of the forums mouse/keyboard questions fit best so I'm posting it here.>
>I have a N76VB-T4046H laptop and until recently everything was working great. A week or 2 ago suddenly my mouse and keyboard started "skipping". What I mean with this is that the keyboard randomly skips letters I'm clearly pressing, making typing very difficult. >
> I'll leave thi sentence to show what my typing currently loks like>
>More or less at the same time my trackpad also started acting weird, with the mouse being very jerky and with clicks not being registered the first time; I often have to click links twice.>
>When I use a plugin mouse it's working fine.>
>Yesterday I reinstalled windows and the problems seemed fixed until I rebooted my laptop, which brought back the problem. I figured it had to be a driver issue but uninstalling and updating them did not solve the problem.>
>Any help would be greatly appreciated because my beloved laptop is unfortunately very frustrating to use right now.>

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