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  Topic : [Others]UN65U-M023M configure TDP-down New Topic
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Posted:6/1/2017 6:43:00 PM # 1
Hello everyone,>first of all I couldn't find my "Model" in the drop down menu here on "New Topic" form so I selected ASUS CUBE, I hope I'm posting this in the correct area.>
>I'm writing here in order to better understand how TDP is supposed to work in this mini-PC configuration.>
>VivoMini UN65U-M023M>>
>CPU Intel i3-7100U>>
>This CPU is equipped with TDP-down configurable technology, I've searched the web for some more clarifications on this; what I came up with is that in the past years a particular driver, named DPTF (Intel Dynamic Platform & Thermal Framework Driver) was used to configure TDP. >These drivers were realeased by the manufacturing companies (such as Asus) in compatibility with their Laptops' hardware.>There are no more updates for this driver after a Windows 8.1 version.>
>Is this technology not supported by my UN65U ?>Or is it managed automatically by the chipset's driver without possibility of configuration?>
>Thank you for any help!!>
>PS   I really don't know what is goin on with the formatting on this forum...sorry about this lack of clarity>

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