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  Topic : [Problem]Vivomini UN65H no HDMI New Topic
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Posted:4/22/2017 8:16:00 PM # 1
My Vivomini PC doesn't fit in any of the forms here, so I just picked one that best fits...>
>I have an HDMI issue that I can't figure out.>
>I've sent my Vivomini PC in twice for RMA. The first time was because it no longer had power and when it returned, I could turn it on but no video through HDMI.>
>I sent it in again and asked if it could be tested prior to returning. I got it back yesterday, with a test sheet that all tests were good but still, I get no video through HDMI.>
>There is the option of the "DisplayPort" but I don't have a DisplayPort cable (ordered one today).>
>I've opened the Vivomini and pulled the bios battery, in hoping that resetting the bios would get my HDMI video. I've tried different cables and tried different displays (Monitor and TV's).>
>I've tried booting with or without RAM and hard drive and still no video.>
>Am I missing something here? Anyone have any ideas? Do I need to RMA again? Is ASUS customer support worth calling to see if someone can figure this out?>
>Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.

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