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  Topic : [Problem]HDMI Connection and no picture? New Topic
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From: United Kingdom
Posted:10/11/2007 11:26:00 PM # 1
class=post id=msg_276249>Hi, I have got an ASUS D22 Media Centre pc and have recently tried to connect the system to my TV using the HDMI connector.  I am unable to get a picture can anyone think of a reason why or is there anything else I need to do??

The picture is there if I use a straight forward AV cable but not via HDMI.  The TV's are modern Panasonic and Philips but I did read that some TV's cannot show the output from a computer, is this true?

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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From: AUS
Posted:2/23/2008 1:51:00 PM # 2
Hi Dom,

I have had exactly the same problem.  No picture and no sound from the HDMI connection.

After a week of frustration I sent the unit back to the computer store where I purchased it from.   After a brief test they agreed it was faulty and it will be replaced on Monday.

Here are the issues I have had so far:
1. The remote did not work initially but after removing and reinstalling the batteries it did start to work OK.
2.  The manual is crap.  Only good for the most basic installation and set up and is sadly lacking in detail for problem solving.  The same must be said for the online support for this product.
3. The keyboard does not work reliably if you are any further away than about 2 1/2 metres.  The retailer told me this is due to interference from my wireless network.  This sounds like crap to me.  I just think it is a cheap keyboard.
4. No sound through HDMI and then after 24 hours no picture.  I tried both optical connection and coax and again no sound.   I think drivers where missing hence my attempt at 6 below.
5. On the desktop there is an Asus TV set up icon.  You use this to select the TV connection type. Composite, component or HDMI and the resolution.  HDMI has no 1080p selection.
6. I have been unable to boot from the recovery disc to reinstall software.  Don't know if it is a faulty disc, incorrect BIOS setup or I am just a dill.
7. The run around from Asus and their service agents has been horendous. First I was sent to one place about 10km from home.  They did not service the D22 DAV centre, then I was sent to the Asus service centre, 20km away, they did not service the D22, then I was sent back to the retailer where i purchased the unit.  After an hour of debate I convinced them the unit was faulty and they have agreed to take it back.

Next time I think I will build my own unit from specs off the internet.


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