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  Topic : [Problem]T3-M2NC51PV - No network New Topic
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From: USA
Posted:8/23/2008 7:12:00 AM # 11
I had this same problem with my t3-m2nc51pv barebone. I tried updating drivers to no avail and even reinstalling XP. The funny thing is that I originally had XP on this machine and it worked fine. I put Ubuntu on it and it worked fine. I put Vista on it and it worked fine. When I went back to XP today, the nic wouldn't work. I suppose I just had the old drivers before.

Other posts on this thread said to use older drivers, specifically the ones in chipset v I downloaded that chipset from asus's website and it works like a charm now. For any who read this and are having trouble finding the chipset download, it's here:

Version V4.5.2.0 2006/12/27 update
Description Chipset_W32&
NVIDIA nForce Chipset Driver V4.5.2.0 for Windows 2000/XP/2003&Windows XP 64bit/2003 64bit
File Size 23.86 (MBytes)

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From: Netherlands
Posted:8/25/2008 4:03:00 PM # 12
Bought the 3rd one, same problems with the new drivers, after changing the MAC it worked fine.


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From: LVA
Posted:7/5/2009 2:41:00 AM # 13
I found that network is not working with chipset drivers available for download in Asus support section.

But after I installed drivers downloaded directly from Nvidia website (file name for today is 15.26_nforce_winxp32_international_whql.exe) everything started to work OK.

On Nvidia support website those drivers located in "legacy hardware" section for nForce 430 / Geforce 6150.

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