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Judge Dredd
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Posted:9/11/2009 11:19:00 AM # 1
Anyone know the actual MOBO version in the CG5270? I know that AI manager states the Main board is a "CG5270", but isn't it a P5QL-VM EPU ?. Anyone confirm this please?

Anyway, to the problem:

If it is indeed a p5ql-vm epu, then. per the manual, there should be a "Jumper free configuration" in the BIOS (Ver 0302 is the latest I believe). Anyone know why I don't see it?
Second question, the P5QL-VM DO looks pretty much identical, if I was to use the BIOS ver on that board (ver 0218) would it hose the PC?
I ask as the manual for the DO board, shows the AI tweaker section in the bios, of course this also might be "not there" like the Jumper free config that the EPU manual say is and isn't. When I tried ASUS Update and pointed at the 0218 ver bios, it gave an error and stopped the job. Not sure if i go through EZ Flash if it would crap out, work or roger my PC totally so before I do anything else, some advice from all the brains out there.

All feedback gratefully received.


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Posted:9/12/2009 4:24:00 AM # 2
The actual Mobo is ver


probably the same as the P5QL-VM/EPU but the rom version is different so you can't flash the bois for the retail board I tried :). Kinda retarded if you ask me I see no reson why we should not have access to the tweaks on the retail board just because we bought it in a completer system. I'm not to happy but life goes on.


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