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  Topic : [Problem]Zenfone AR: bad calls reception New Topic
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From: Belgium (netherlands)
Posted:10/3/2017 5:09:00 PM # 1
Hi All,>
>My new zenfone AR shows a good gsm network reception but often (more often than not) doesn't receive incoming calls. The ones who call hear an answering machine and seconds after I receive a provider sms about a missed call.>
>For outgoing calls it often takes a long time to connect and hear a tone.>
>At the same time 3g/4g internet reception works fine.>
>My impression is that the phone doesn't send some gsm synchronization signal and gets forgotten by s gsm network. Most probably it is a firmware problem.>
>I have two sim cards installed.>
>I used zenfone 2 before and it didn't have this problem.>
>I contacted asus support about this, they work on a firmware update but I don't know if the problem is going to be addressed.>
>Does anyone faced it/knows a way to resolve?

(I had to put a wrong model as there is no ZS571KL model in a list)>

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