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  Topic : [Problem]Battery not charging New Topic
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From: Belgium (francais)
Posted:9/21/2010 1:43:00 AM # 1

My Asus N61Ja (bought in april) does not charge the battery anymore.

I tried the following scenarios:
1. Starting notebook without battery then plug in OS (win 7 64bits) is loaded.
2. Starting notebook, unplug the battery and plug in 30 seconds later

After each one of these scenarios, the battery icon shows the battery is charging, but it only last 5 seconds. After these 5 seconds, the battery is not charging anymore and if I unplug the power connection, the notebook stops running.

I've read that the "battery calibration utility" from the bios could solve the problem but this utility is not in the bios.

Could you please provide me a way to calibrate the battery or another way to detect the battery.

Thanks a lot,


PS: I know this topic is not in the correct forum but I cannot choose the "notebook" forum in the topic submition form.

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