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From: TWN
Posted:2/2/2009 3:56:00 PM # 1

As far as I know ASUS don't suggest use  NTFS format .
I suggest you use EXT2/EXT3 file format

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asus guy
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From: Australia
Posted:2/6/2009 9:59:00 PM # 2
Yeah, but does Windows XP support EXT2/EXT3 file format? I don't want to format it and mess it up...

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From: Germany
Posted:2/7/2009 2:17:00 AM # 3
Hi guys!

I've got an ASUS WL-500gP V2 too and I just dated it up to the newest firmware (version Now I' ve some questions.
I'm using Windows Vista (32Bit) and connect to the router via WLAN.
The printer that is connected to the router works without any problem.
I want to share a HDD in the network (capacity: 500 GB; filesystem: NTFS). Does the new firmware support NTFS filesystem or is is necessary to format the HDD with EXT2/EXT3??

greetz Alexej

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From: Finland
Posted:2/12/2009 8:31:00 PM # 4 supports NTFS (read only) and FAT32 (should be read write, I didn't tried) but not EXT2/3.
I have a 1.5TB USB HDD, and when I made only 1 big NTFS partition it was seen and mounted.
If I formated it as FAT32 it was seen but not mounted (probably for FAT32 1.5TB this is too much), but when I limited to 0.5TB is was mounted.
For NTFS I got 1.5MB transfer speed on copying a file, while with FAT32 I got 1.9MB!

I'm very interested on the speed for EXT2/3 but I think for this I have to flash DD-WRT because just refuse to mount Linux partitions, don't know why yet ...

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From: NLD
Posted:3/28/2009 4:16:00 AM # 5
I also have FW installed and got the same speed when running on NTFS. However as AiDisk and Download Master only work OK if you have HDD formatted in FAT32 I did a split of my WD 1TB in two halves: one is FAT32 and another NTFS formatted. Now I can only access the FAT32 partition of my external HDD connected to the router. Does anyone know how to get to the second partition at the same time as well?

I would like to have possibility of saving files larger than 4GB (that's what I would use the NTFS partition) and at the same time downloading torrents via Download Master (that's why I am using FAT32 partition now).

Besides, if anyone from ASUS is reading this... is it possible to implement into new FW version an option of more than 6 torrents being downloaded at the same time? And why do I have troubles downloading some of the torrents via Download Master (download doesn't even start at all!), whereas the same torrent works perfectly locally on my laptop in BitComet and gets downloaded with the full bandwidth speed?

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