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  Topic : [Problem]USB Tethering connection unstable New Topic
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Posted:8/6/2017 4:45:00 PM # 1
When running off a 4G USB stick or tethering a hotspot the internet connection seems unstable. I've tried both ports and have the same issue. It has the newest firmware ( 

Several web pages will load, then the next one won't load. Videos quickly start, load then stop, then start again, then stop.  Remote desktoping works for 5-30 seconds, freeze, loose connection, then reconnect, then lose connection again.  

But when running these same devices plugged directly into a computer they don't have any of these issues. Videos play straight through, web pages don't randomly stop and things like remote desktoping will work for an hour with no break in connection. It's only when I use them though the rt-n66u they have connection problems. 

Are the usb ports just going bad or does the usb connection sharing just not work well ? 

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