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  Topic : [Problem]RT-N66U Router and Linksys Print Server setup New Topic
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Posted:8/30/2012 7:59:00 AM # 1
Just received and installed my Asus router. I have Vonage so the Vonage tech helped me set up the router using a static IP address and everything works fine...except for my Linksys Print Server WPS54GU2 that is now not connecting to the router. I cannot remember or find the web address to manually set up the print server. I am running Windows 7 so it took me forever to successfully configure both printers when I had my old Linksys router. Now that the router has been replaced with the new Asus one, I cannot figure this one out. The 2 printers I have do not have wireless capability. Any suggestions would be most helpful and appreciated.

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Posted:8/31/2012 12:08:00 PM # 2
When you plug in the print server to the asus router the router should give it an IP number or the print server should demand a specific IP number if it's set to a static one. You should be able to see what the number is by plugging in the print server device and then opening up the web page for the asus router (usually Then you need to look for "attached devices" or "client list". It should be listed in there along with the computer you are using to connect to the router. It might be as simple as a IP address conflict that is keeping the print server from talking to the network. Worst case scenario is that you will have to do a hard reset of the print server (using the reset button on the back of the device) and reconfigure all of the settings again to get it straightened out.


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