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  Topic : [Problem]rt n56u - remote server is not responding New Topic
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From: Italy
Posted:2/11/2013 6:06:00 PM # 1
When I try to install the usb applications, like Download Mater or DLNA Server the answer is always the same: The remote server is not responding.
I would like to understand if it is a problem of the last firmware (f.v. 3004342) or if it is actually the ASUS that is "off" and not able to upload the application

Thank you if someone of ASUS can reply

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From: Belarus
Posted:2/11/2013 6:39:00 PM # 2
I'm facing same problem last 4 days on dls-n55u.

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From: United States
Posted:2/12/2013 12:55:00 PM # 3

Me too !!

I updated to  Firmware Version: and now when I mount any

USB HDD or Flash drive fat32 or NTFS and I select USB application

the Media Server option is missing and also when I try to install

Download Master it runs through the setup ...

loading app list..


initilizing please wait..

the remote server is not responding..

and if I eject the USB disk , it starts installing the Download

Master and gets stuck at 99% ...

Im confused and unhappy  RT-N56U

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From: United States
Posted:2/13/2013 10:46:00 AM # 4
i'm having the same issue. i'm trying to install the Media Server but it gets stuck at 99% after i upgraded to the new firmware. If i reboot the router, it doesn't mount the external drive any longer and i'm forced to reformat it. i've done this several times thinking its something wrong with what i'm doing but looks like its an issue with the new firmware. 

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From: Italy
Posted:2/13/2013 11:26:00 PM # 5
where are the admin asus?
because they do not respond?

My question is not difficult...

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