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  Topic : [Problem]Bonjour / Airprint support New Topic
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Posted:5/8/2012 6:01:00 AM # 1
We've just obtained an iPad 2 (IOS 5.1), an Airprint enabled printer (Epson NX430) and are noticing some peculiarities.

The NX430 seems to be discovered only when on an open wireless net. If changed to the WPA protected one, Airprint rarely works. BTW no wired Ethernet option for this printer.

The behavior is the same from both iPad apps (Safari) and dns-sd enabled Ubuntu 12.04 (test page).

The only likely relevant setting I've found in the Asus RT-10+ (rev B1) router is LAN > Route > Enable Multicast. Setting to 'Yes' from 'No ' didn't make any difference.

All device IPs are DHCP assigned by MAC address (successfully) to avoid possible lease issues or other conflicts.

Firmware version on router is - no Bonjour related fixes noted in newer firmware notes.

Please document your specific router experience re Bonjour / Airprint success or failure here. If there's another related / helpful topic please post link.  Any tips will be appreciated!

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Asus M3A78-EM mainboard, RT-10+ rev B1 router
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From: USA
Posted:10/2/2013 7:36:00 AM # 2
I just upgraded to v2.0.3. No bonjour there either. Without it is there a way to AirPrint with this router?

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