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  Topic : [Problem]Networking Issue - Error New Topic
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Posted:7/25/2017 9:56:00 AM # 1
I have my main Wireless Router setup as the DHCP server.  I have 4 additional wireless router's in my house that are all hardwired to the main router and their DHCP server is disabled.  They each have their own unique IP addresses and all have the same network name, passwords, security, that I can use my devices anywhere in the house without issue.>
>But, I am having an issue with the Asus router.  The hardwire connections from this router are working fine, they are getting their IP addresses from the main DHCP server and the connected devices work great.  But, when I try to connect to this router via a wireless connection, I get an error page that brings me to the IP address of the router and says Reason for failed connection is "The network cable is not connected".  Why am I getting this error via WiFi when the hardwire connections are working correctly?>
>My incoming connections are in ports 1, 2, and 3.  Port 4 has no wire to it and I don't have a wire to the WAN port either.>

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