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  Topic : [Problem]ADSL modem and RT-AC66U help New Topic
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Posted:4/13/2013 8:46:00 AM # 1
Hello,>Some setup info first. I have an ADSL modem, specs below:>
>>Modem Info>Model : Vulcan>Name :>Domain Name :>Description : DSL Modem>Location : Conexant Inc.,100 Schulz Drive, Red Bank,NJ 07701,U.S.A>Contact : Conexant Inc.,100 Schulz Drive, Red Bank,NJ 07701,U.S.A>Vendor : Conexant Inc.,100 Schulz Drive, Red Bank,NJ 07701,U.S.A>LogThreshold: 1>Object-id :>HwVersion : 810100>SwVersion : 3.C33GTT5.8821A>DSL Version : E.37.5.13>System Time : Fri Mar 08 15:39:57 2013>Time Zone : EST>DST : Off>Services : physical datalink internet end-to-end applications>UpTime(HH:MM:SS) : 488:16:23>Backup Interval : Disable>
>I also have a RT-AC66U >
>If I try and follow the normal setup guide, ie; ethernet from ADSL modem into WAN port of AC66U, then computer into one of the four LAN ports on the AC66U then I cannot connect to the internet from my computer (computer set to use a static ip)>
>I *think* the problem is because I have static IP's provided by my ISP, and so my AC66U is setup with a static IP, but also DHCP so it can provide addresses to wireless clients.>
>If I connect the ADSL modem to a 5 port hub, then connect the WAN and 1 x LAN port of the AC66U to the hub, and put my computer in the hub too, it's all working fine.>
>I know, it's working so I should not touch it, but I'm curious as to why the normal setup doesn't work and if there is any way of getting it work. It would be nice if the various devices, including my computer were 'behind' the AC66U as it were.>
>Any suggestions or advice greatly appreciated.>

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