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  Topic : [Others]Which Asus routers with firmware to date have the Traffic Analyzer feature? New Topic
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From: South Africa
Posted:10/7/2017 10:43:00 PM # 1
>Hey Everyone>
>I am looking for an list of all Asus routers with firmware to date support Traffic Analyzer feature, more specifically being able to view data usage per connected device as per this example:>
>I noticed many have a similarly called Traffic Manager > Traffic Monitor option, though it does not seem to provide comprehensive information:>
>I do not want to break the bank - as one would day - on a new router, though would like if it has xDSL integrated in case I even have to switch back (hope not), though it would not be a deal breaker. More important though is fair to decent Wi-Fi coverage which is also stable and reliable. Of course the Traffic Analyzer feature is a must!

Thank you.


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From: United Kingdom
Posted:10/8/2017 7:02:00 PM # 2
Hi, i am not watching the developments with Asus routers because are so many models which i miss counting (lol) ... hope an other user can advise

I know for dsl build in models ... only the dsl ac68u (build in modem, not just router) currently has this feature
From info i have, will be not be added to any other dsl models for now ... will beadded & to dsl ac88u (modem, not just router) but later for this dsl model

The feature below is present to each single Asus router & dsl modem models (no matter the price) but does report just total use & just live traffic ... is not reporting what each client using like the traffic analyzer

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Advice/Tips given are from my own experience & Not from Asus Support...I Do Not Work for Asus... Thanks
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