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  Topic : [Sharing]Asus P8P67-M Pro with RAID in XP New Topic
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Posted:9/22/2011 12:41:00 AM # 1
Hi All- I just spent a couple of days and six calls to tech support to get the motherboard to create a RAID array and to get windows XP to recognize it. Thought I would share. Getting into the RAID setup using Ctrl I: I could not access RAID by Ctrl I. I went through this over and over, but it did not come up. My graphics card doesn't usually show the POST screen so I could not tell the exact moment to press Ctrl I. IF YOU HOLD DOWN THE CTRL KEY AND PRESS I REPEATEDLY, THE SYSTEM WILL NOT ENTER RAID SETUP. YOU MUST RELEASE THE CTRL KEY BETWEEN EACH ATTEMPT. (ASUS tech support RMA'd my board because they didn't know this either.) The rest is a step by step for the process: 1. Enter BIOS and select Advanced -> SATA Mode -> RAID Mode 2. Enter RAID with Ctrl I (remember to release both CTRL key and I key with each repetition) 3. Create your RAID 4. Go to and download N-lite. Create a new Windows XP setup disk and only add one additional driver - Intel Desktop/Workstation/Server Express Chipset Sata RAID Controller. (It is located in the IRST*\Driver\Disk\32 folder on the CD ROM that came with the board or by downloading it from ASUS. Burn it to disk. 5. Install window just like normal. More system info: i7-2600K; P8P67 MB; Radeon HD 5570; 2 OCZ Vertex 3 240 GB drives in RAID 1; 4 GB Ram (only 3 usable) And why XP? Our companies prime software is an application that sometimes runs on Win 7, totally refuses Vista, and always works well on XP. This system is also a complete and identical backup of our server running SBS 2003.

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