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  Topic : [Problem]it wont detect hard drive. really asus? New Topic
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Posted:4/23/2011 12:48:00 PM # 1
So i got my "revised" version of the mobo on april 18th or so... this monday basically. I got everything set up, all is going well, looking forward to play some portal 2, and bam. At the startup, the mobo doesnt recognize the harddrive, but detects the cd drive. I tried diff ram placemnts, diff sata ports, the microsoft support for ide to schi or w/e that thing is i forgot... But ya, when i go into bios, it has the caviar black harddrive as #1 boot priority and w/e. If i plug one of them out (cd drive counting) it doesnt boot windows 7. With it i can boot windows 7 64bit professional just.fine, but with 1.5gbps and with a cd drive. Plz help, i dont want to return another mobo.... Thx... -_-

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